Tech Hacks for Students: Making Learning Fun and Efficient

Technology is incredibly useful in college. It allows for streamlining routine processes and studying more efficiently. Also, it can make tedious tasks much more entertaining. In this article, you’ll find exciting hacks on how to achieve that.

Voice Typing for Lecture Notes

Taking notes during a lecture can be difficult, especially if your professor has a fast speaking pace. In such a case, students can use a voice typing feature of Google Docs to capture every bit of information.

Open Google Docs on your device, go to “Tool,” and click “Voice Typing.” You’ll see a screen box with the option to activate the microphone. After you allow it, the program will transform the lecturer’s speech into text. As a result, students can catch all the essential information and upgrade their notes.

Of course, the technology could be better, and there might be some mistakes. However, you can review it later and add your notes to the file. It is a great exercise to revise and remember the material better.

Writing Help

Should you encounter difficulties with written tasks, you can seek proficient assistance online. Expert educational writing platforms provide a variety of beneficial resources to students. Students can access samples, gather advice or even request customized help. For instance, you may come to the conclusion, “I require professional speech writers to assist with my project,” and then proceed to request aid. In such situations, an expert can complete the task promptly, guaranteeing an excellent grade.

They offer writing, editing, and proofreading assistance with all college assignments. It is helpful if you do not know where to start or how to deliver your argument persuasively. They can also polish your work to excellence. Collaboration with experts gives insights into academic writing and helps to build advanced skills.

YouTube Transcripts

Often the case, students can learn from YouTube videos. There are plenty of informational courses and tutorials to check. But it can be challenging to sit through 30-40 minutes sometimes. With the transcript feature, students can immediately see all the key points.

It gives you the whole script of the video, which can help you understand whether it is something you need to devote your time to. To access it, open the video, click three dots, and choose “open transcript.” Now you can see the script with timestamps. So you can immediately jump to a particular section you are interested in.

Test Preparation with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a fantastic tool for various study-related tasks. It is one of the most advanced AI bots so far. And it can make many things more accessible and more entertaining for students. One of the major things it can help you with is test preparation.

Students can use it to:

  • Create quizzes and tests based on course material. Now you can train to answer questions and get feedback from the chat as well;
  • Create open-ended questions;
  • Find useful sources. Ask it about a concept in detail and the sources the AI uses;
  • Prepare flashcards based on the given material;
  • Ask it to explain a complex concept in simple words and with examples;
  • Ask it to summarize long articles to know whether you need to read them.

With ChatGPT, you can create test and exam scenarios to be prepared. It is a fantastic way to revise material, find gaps in knowledge, and work on better understanding.

Turn Text into Podcast

This hack is terrific for those who better comprehend information in an audio format. With Podcastle AI, you can turn any text into a podcast. It is a Chrome extension that can save you a lot of time.

For instance, students can listen to lecture notes or articles in podcasts while driving, doing chores, or going to the gym. It allows learning while doing other things, which is exceptionally efficient.

Here is how students can do it:

  1. Add Podcastle AI to your Chrome browser. 
  2. Log in with Google or Facebook. 
  3. Open an article in the browser and click the Podcastle icon.

The extension will save it in the designated folder and read it to you. Students can also choose different voice characters.

Borrow eBooks

This tip allows for saving money and studying effectively at the same time. When you need an ebook for a project or course, you can borrow it online instead of buying it. The easiest way to do it is to use the OverDrive platform. It connects students to local libraries to find the book they are interested in and borrow it.

Also, there are a couple of apps like Sora and Libby with a similar premise. There, students can borrow books for reading. And they automatically get returned on a deadline.


A great way to streamline your research is to use Google hacks. Unfortunately, although the search engine is amazing, it doesn’t always give the results students might be looking for.

For instance, go to Google Scholar for academic papers and peer-reviewed sources. It is a search engine that gives only relevant academic results. And it offers an automatic citation generator. As a result, finding suitable sources for a research paper will be much easier and faster.

You can also use specific tools to make your search in Google more focused. Whether you need to find the best research paper writing services or presentations on carbon footprint, you must specify your requirements. For example, add “.edu” to your search to get only educational platforms. Or add “.PPT” to a subject to find PowerPoint slides on the matter with crucial points. If you need an exact match, put your question in quotation marks.

Use “-” before the word when you need to exclude something. For instance, “How to create a website -Wix.” You’ll get all the results besides one that features “Wix.”

In Summary

Students can use these tips to make studying more straightforward and more comfortable. They allow the creation, making routine processes more efficient and precise. Also, they save a lot of time and offer new ways of learning.

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Muhammad Adeel Aslam
Muhammad Adeel Aslam
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