What to Study in 2022 to Find a Job: The Future After COVID

2021 has not been an easy year. COVID-19 has turned the world “upside-down” and more than a million jobs have been lost in 6 months. But the good news is that there have also been positive transformations in this crisis.

Current needs have created new employment opportunities and have strengthened some sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and engineering. You just have to know how to spot these opportunities. The main thing is to choose competently what to study or where to reorient yourself to ensure a future career and find a job.

Do you want to know which profiles are most in-demand? Find out in our article.

What to study to find a job after COVID-19?

1. University degrees

With COVID-19, we had to learn to value what was important, adapt to move forward, rediscover our profession, or change our perception of other professions that we may not have valued as highly. Because of the loss of motivation, many students pay for essay or other papers. That’s why it’s so important to find something you enjoy doing.

But what are the most promising university degrees right now?

Getting a Degree in Medicine or Other Health Professions

Now more than ever, it is clear that the job market demands well-trained professionals to meet the needs of the health care sector: medicine, nursing, biotechnology, drug research, dentistry, etc.

Degree in Psychology

It is also projected as a career with a good long-term perspective as people began to realize the importance of mental health during the pandemic. Fear, anxiety, depression, stress, and addiction all increase the demand for psychologists.

A Degree in Computer Engineering or Robotics

Before we know it, we’ll have an app for everything. That’s why a computer engineering or robotics profession opens many doors. In fact, demand exceeds supply in this sector. A good future awaits professionals in programming, application developers, cybersecurity, telematics, etc.

Degree in Telecommunications Engineering

The telecommunications sector has established itself as one of the sectors that contributes the most to society in times of crisis.

We are increasingly dependent on this sector because of the growth of telework, the digital transformation of companies, and the increased consumption of streaming platforms due to new social rules. A much-needed profession that will remain in-demand.

Degree in Environmental Engineering

We have all seen how pollution, air quality, and the ecosystem have improved during incarceration. Concern for the environment has been growing in recent years, and protecting the planet, in the long run, is a pressing need. After all, it is for our health and our future.

For this reason, environmental engineers will be in great demand by private and public companies alike for sustainability solutions.

Degree in Human Resources

Although many HR processes can be automated, the profession will continue to exist. Robots cannot yet assess soft skills, and companies will need people who can select talent, assess performance, improve the work environment, and above all, maintain employee commitment.

Is it worth studying for a master’s degree?

Of course, it is! Those who get a master’s degree will have better positions, get better jobs, and higher salaries. You will have a more academic workload, so you can buy research papers in case you don’t have enough time.

However, you shouldn’t choose every master’s degree. It is important to make sure that it is relevant to today’s marketplace, and that it complements your career and adds value to your work.

2. Professional Training

If you prefer to opt for a non-university degree, Vocational Training is another option that can open many doors for you, especially for technical profiles.

Electricity and Electronics

Technological and digital evolution has increased the need for more professionals specialized in electricity and electronics. Experts in renewable energies, home automation, electrical installation and maintenance, communications installation, etc. are in demand.

Auxiliary nursing care

The health sector today is another sure value. This degree will allow you to work in both inpatient care in the private sector: nursing homes, residences, clinics, mental health clinics, etc., and in the public sector: in hospitals and outpatient clinics.

Pharmacy and Parapharmacy

Both the aging of the population and continuous innovation has further boosted the pharmaceutical sector. Graduates of an FP in Pharmacy and Parapharmacy will continue to be one of the most sought-after healthcare profiles in the labor market.

Can you imagine working in a pharmacy office, hospital pharmacy, stores specializing in natural medicine, or in the laboratory of a pharmacological product?

3. Professional development courses

In addition to university and professional training, you have other alternatives with great futures:

Digital Marketing

Companies know that going digital is the only way to stay competitive today. Marketing experts, SEO, and community managers are and will continue to be the new gurus of business success. Learn how to position your online business, and how to create marketing campaigns and social media to grow your business, and you will have a secure future.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers also have many more opportunities with the growth of online businesses. If you are creative, you like to do design: posters, logos, animations, web pages, packaging, infographics, etc. This is a good alternative.

Occupational Risk Specialist

Occupational health and accident prevention are the responsibility of employers. Because of this, the demand for competent people in this area has also increased. The job involves assessing working conditions, reducing risks, and training employees.


Due to freedom restrictions, many businesses have been forced to adapt and move to e-commerce. If you love sales and technology, this is the future. You will learn the tools you need to analyze data and implement strategies to increase sales, as well as design and build a successful online store, both for your own and others.


Choosing what to study to find work in this new reality takes time and involves a process of self-discovery, reflection, and personal decision-making. Do your research, ask questions, listen, and take the time necessary to make a decision.

Finally, remember that beyond work and earning an income, it is important that you enjoy what you do.

Written by Muhammad Adeel Aslam

Mr. Adeel is a diverse person having expertise in Content Writing, WordPress development and SEO. He consider himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to build on his professional foundations in Content Writing, WordPress development and Search engine optimization. He believes mindfulness in a workplace is key to success. He's currently working as a freelancer and is always interested in a challenge.

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