What Does Incrementality Mean

What Does Incrementality Mean in Marketing?

Let’s have a look at What Does Incrementality Mean in marketing? The gradual increase in the expenditures of advertising and exposure of products over a time period on the basis of the benchmark is called incremental marketing.

In this phenomenon, a long-term marketing plan is subdivided into small components, and milestones are assigned that are mandatory to be achieved before committing further funds for marketing.

The individual success of all these components helps in determining whether to continue the marketing campaign or halt it.

Knowledge about incremental marketing:

Incremental marketing is a key strategy for a company that is not willing or lacks the resources to carry out a marketing campaign on a large scale. Small companies choose to deploy funds only if there are optimistic results from each step.

Incremental marketing is also helpful promoting those products or services that are unfamiliar to the consumers. If a customer is unaware of any product or service, then there are greater risks involved.

Process of Incremental Marketing:

An incremental marketing strategy is very helpful when a new product is about to be launched by a large company, or a small company with finite resources cannot afford to carry on a large marketing campaign for their product launch.

A well planned incremental marketing strategy can play a vital role in the long-term success of a product or a company if executed properly.

We allocate funds only if we witness success from the previous marketing tasks by achieving the milestones we set previously or we achieved the predetermined number of sales.

A new activity of a marketing campaign begins only if the previous objective has been achieved. At every step, the company does an analysis of whether the campaign is beneficial or not. On the basis of this analysis company also decides whether to halt, alter, ramp up or scale back the marketing campaign. It also helps the advertisers to check if the customers are receptive to their product or service or will they continue to be receptive towards it in the future.

Implementation of Incremental marketing:

It is quite a simple task to implement an incremental marketing strategy. A lot of work is done during the planning stages where heads of different departments and a marketing executive will determine the scope of an incremental marketing strategy. The strategy will be subdivided into different levels having “triggers”.

These triggers may be budget increases, sales increases, timeliness, or performance indicators.

After the approval of the plan and discussion about the levels/triggers is completed, the strategy will be implemented. On the basis of the performance indicator, the marketing team may decide whether to carry out the next step or not.

Some companies rely on running a single campaign. Some companies might test multiple campaigns in the first step and if any of these meet the performance objective then only the most successful tested option will be selected and implemented in the next phase.

Sales measurement with Incremental Marketing:

If you are a web-based company, then the number of organic visitors you get on your website through ads will help you to determine sales.

Measuring incrementality in marketing:

The number of increases/decreases in customers in every step is compared with the overall success of the campaign to measure it.

What is Incremental ROAS:

The difference between control group revenue and target group revenue is a return on advertising sales. A ROAS over 100% means good incremental ROAS.


This was all the information required to understand what incrementality in marketing means.

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