Top 5 Tools to Create Best Digital Marketing Graphics

Yes, visual content is referred to as an inseparable part of digital marketing strategy. Experts depicted that people engage with visuals on a whole different level than what they do with the text. Did you know how that works! The study found that the human brain process visuals 60,000 times faster than text!

That’s the reason why visual content is immensely important for digital marketing. When it comes to promoting business, using the best visuals will provide significantly better outcomes. We preferred to use SVG format for your website as it can scale an SVG image up and down as required without losing bit quality, while PNG doesn’t. So, give an instant try to PNG to SVG converter online to convert PNG to SVG vector image.

Well, we are listing a few best tools that assist you to create the best digital marketing graphics and even boost your business presence.


It is indicated as the most favorite open-source graphic design community. Typically, this is the best way to design anything from mobile apps (via) professional presentations) to Facebook cover photos. However, is another open-source site that comes with the best PNG to SVG converter if you preferred to turn PNG into SVG and other vector image conversions.
The regular version of Gravit is intuitive to learn and work with, but if you aim to keep things simpler, you can give it a try to GravitKlex. This provides you with the same great look but with more basic capabilities.


Yes, we all love Gif images, they are one of the most enjoyable aspects of online marketing strategy. No doubt this image type can reveal so much with so little and even extremely contagious. This is the thing that makes Gifs such a preferable visual element for digital marketing and even a proven way to boost engagement.

Well, Giphy has indicated as a one-stop-shop for all things Gif. But it does not support GIF image conversions, for that, you could navigate to to perform Gif conversions even to get the best version of PNG to SVG converter online. The library of Giphy is packed with innumerable GIFs that you could consider for various purposes, and even you can create your own!


It is indicated as the leader in the field of online image editing. The downside is that it does not perform image conversions. Well, if your concern is to save PNG as SVG vector, then you simply ought to account for the PNG to SVG converter. Remember that Canva provides you with both basic and advanced features to create or enhance beautiful graphics.

You can account with Canva to design all kinds of visuals! However, when it comes to social media marketing, you have to stick with Social Media Graphics tool and even the Meme Generator. The upside is that the Canva is available from desktops and laptops, even also comes with an iPad and iPhone app through which you can design your social visual in seconds. This tool is highly recommended and a perfect tool for that busy small business owner.


Befunky has come with the best infographic building tool that allows you to work with knowledge visualization. This tool is packed with innumerable templates and customization options including stock images for free.

Get ample freedom and utilize this tool easily to create professional infographics that are quite useful, persuasive, and sharp. No matter whether you are using infographics or regular images, it’s good to use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) because of its scalability, which means no quality loss! And say goodbye to regular image format like PNG by using PNG to SVG converter that turns PNG into SVG vector while preserving original quality.


It is an ideal tool for those who want to create stories for marketing strategy. The Flipagram swiftly connects to your mobile photo library or simply to your social media albums through which you proceed to your store making. You could easily combine your photos and videos into one stunning slideshow that entirely reveals your story just how you need it to be told. Also, this tool allows you to add music from a large audio library, or even you could upload your favorite sounds.


Well, visuals are indicated as the engagement powerhouse. So, you have to make sure they use visuals for your digital marketing strategy to attain a bunch of traffic. An account with these listed tools to make tremendous visuals for your websites. Good Luck!

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