PlayStation 5 reviews: Great 4K game with a strange design

Sony knew it was over. PS4 is handily outselling any other previous generation consoles. But instead of sliding on its success, the company is staying aggressive with PlayStation 5. It is generally compatible with the hardware quickly Xbox Series X. And also has one of the most innovative controllers we’ve ever seen. While the design PS5 probably a matter of taste. At least Sony managed to give something Microsoft cannot: must-have games that take advantage of the hardware.

Many of the PlayStation 5 shouts of “next generation”. And that’s a good thing when many gamers are excited for a reason to upgrade. Because let’s face it, the last round system is a mess. PS4 and Xbox One aged so badly as consumer adoption of 4K TV. Older hardware that practically demanded a mid-cycle refresh: Pro PS4 and Xbox One X. And while the systems are undoubtedly decisive, bringing us closer to the dream of 4K game in our family room, they are hampered by slow mechanical hard drives and hardware that is easily outmatched by the primary gaming PC. They are a stop-gap measure and nothing more

PS 5, PlayStation 5 reviews: Great 4K game with a strange design


4K fast game
minimal load times
Solid launch lineup
Good DualSense controller


slim case design
less storage space than Xbox
limited backward compatibility


PS 5, PlayStation 5 reviews: Great 4K game with a strange design

5 is an ideal PlayStation generation of consoles from Sony, with powerful hardware, faster load times, and a choice of launch titles. It seems a little strange, but it makes up for it with one of the best controllers we’ve ever seen.

We are reviewing the $ 500 PS5, and Xbox Series X is a step into a glorious new world of console gaming. And if you do not have a disc drive, you can also take PS5 Digital Edition for $ 400.

Hardware: So, so great

PlayStation 5 is large enough that it dwarfs every other console under my TV. The tower on Xbox Series X, which is a tad big in itself. PS5 measures 15.4 inches and 10.2 inches and weighs a hefty 10.2 pounds with its stand is required. But this extreme scale PS5 mainly comes to a unique design: The center of the home console of all internal, but two broad sets of fins flanked it. The whole system looks like Sony’s PlayStation 3. exploded vintage aesthetics reminds me of cheesy retro-future styling of the Back to the Future.

Xbox Series X Comparison

To each his own, of their rights? As someone who spent most of my life adores Sony industrial design, I do not mind to see a lot. But I was pleasantly surprised by how thin, and precarious PS5 felt the first time I held it. It was the opposite of what I want from the console $ 500. The main problem was that those side panels – Sony’s new consoles premium sandwiched between two thin pieces of plastic. I’m always worried it will fall when I held it, and I do not expect it will survive even a short drop. Xbox Series X may look dull by comparison, but it is a device that is solid and sturdy.

PS 5, PlayStation 5 reviews: Great 4K game with a strange design

I get it: Sony wants to optimize the airflow as much as possible to keep the CPU and GPU PS5 cold, so the plastic fins serve the original purpose. That’s why Microsoft is made the system a mini-tower PC. But Sony could come up with a design that is not so heavy.


While I have many concerns about how the system looks and feels, under the hood, PS5 is ready to provide a solid gaming experience 4K. It’s powered by an eight-core habit Zen 2 processor and 10.2-teraflop GPU rDNA 2. On paper, the GPU has apparently will lag behind the 12-teraflop Xbox Series X, but remember that teraflop can be a sloppy-known way to determine how fast the system can do.

Both PS5 and Xbox features GDDR6 X Series 16GB of RAM, which respectively handles the system is slightly different when it comes to overall memory bandwidth. The next-gen consoles also rely upon NVMe SSD for storage, upgrades that will make your games load faster than mechanical hard drives are older. One big plus in the column Sony: It allows you to plug in third-party SSD by removing the side panel, giving you a storage upgrade option is much cheaper than Seagate’s 1TB SSD expansion card $ 220. But note that you can not add a new SSD at launch, and drive spec met Sony will not be cheap, so do not go filling your drive immediately.

Sony’s new DualSense

Sony’s new DualSense controller is your gateway to PS5, and for once, it does not look exactly like the original PlayStation controller. Sony stuck with the design of the tried-and-true for decades, but this time went with something different. The DualSense larger than the DualShock 4, with a thick grip, makes it much more comfortable. The basic layout is the same, except now looks like a transparent jewelry button and a button to turn off the built-in microphone. It’s a mostly white design sure to look messy from the controller PS4 from time to time, but after a week, it still looks clean.

PS 5, PlayStation 5 reviews: Great 4K game with a strange design

What’s most impressive about DualSense is what is in it – especially some of the most sophisticated haptic control I have ever tasted. Analog triggers can be manipulated quickly to create the sensation of pull an arrow back in the bow or run out of ammunition in your weapon. And you can forget the fundamental vibration of the DualShock 4; DualSense almost feels like it’s life in your hands. DualSense vibration is finely tuned; you can feel a distinct difference when Astro walks on the sand, wood, and metal surfaces. It felt truly the next generation using the X Series Xbox controller is not.

Jamil Parvez
Jamil Parvez
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