Hyper converged Infrastructure, Hyper converged Infrastructure: Your Key in the IoT Era

Hyper converged Infrastructure: Your Key in the IoT Era

The hyper converged infrastructure definition describes it as a software-based solution for data. It’s something that can help your business achieve more with fewer resources. Hyperconvergence is the way to go, and we’re going to explain why.

What Is a Data Infrastructure?

It’s something every business needs, no matter the size of it. Data infrastructures are used for sharing and consuming data across different channels within a company. It’s also used by many institutions, such as universities, libraries, research institutes, etc.

Let’s take research as an example. Simply reading the findings might not be sufficient for some people. They need access to the raw data, the statistics, or the methods to look into the research and try to reproduce it. Likewise, there’s a daily need for DIs in business.

There are many components in data infrastructures. They usually require hardware, networking components, different services and policies, software, etc. There are different strategies for data infrastructures that companies can opt for. We’re going to talk about what CI is and what HCI is.

What Is a Converged Infrastructure?

Converged means that there are things that come from different directions and meet at a certain point. This means that most of the components in a converged data infrastructure are packed into a collection of necessary systems.

Hyper converged Infrastructure, Hyper converged Infrastructure: Your Key in the IoT Era

Hyper Converged infrastructures usually include servers necessary to provide services, storage necessary to read and write data, networking parts that connect all the components, and software that manage the entire collection.

That’s why converged infrastructure is a brilliant solution because they come as a collection of components that are all compatible with each other. So, instead of getting all those separately, you can get a CI in one place.

What Is Hyper converged Infrastructure?

The hyper converged infrastructure is more of a hardware solution, but an HCI is more of a software solution. It also prevents any compatibility difficulties that can occur, and here are the components of an HCI:

  • Hypervisor: It’s software that virtualizes or simulates virtual machines. Once a computer has a hypervisor that can run multiple virtual machines, it becomes a host machine. The VMs (virtual machines) are guest machines.
  • SDS: Software-defined storage is exactly what it is. It’s software that provisions and manages the storage independently from the physical storage underlying it. The software works based on provisioning policies.
  • SDN: Software-defined networking is something that enables smooth network management, with software defining the network configuration. It’s like cloud computing.

Benefits of a Hyper converged Infrastructure

A hyper converged data center is an effective solution for any business size, and there are several reasons you should deploy an HCI data infrastructure. The major advantages of this type of data infrastructure include:

  • More efficient than other solutions: Hyper converged infrastructure allows easier management where you don’t need more than a few people managing the storage and the resources.
  • Reduced cost with better performance: It’s great because you can use a sophisticated data infrastructure architecture that gives you more storage capabilities you can use with standard servers, the x86 ones.
  • Ease of scalability: Depending on the situation and the business needs, you can easily change the scales of the workload and set up the hardware. An HCI allows for easy database manipulation.
  • Fewer hardware components: Thanks to the virtualization in a hyper-converged data center, and as it is a software-based solution, there’s no need to use excessive hard disks and physical space.
  • Fast setup: Installing the software takes a few minutes, and your IT team can focus on more pressing matters such as security, data management, and the services that make up the business.

Key in the IoT Era

Why do we call hyper-converged data infrastructure the key in the IoT era? Because it is closely related as we use hyper-converged data centers to keep all the services and data together and manage it reliably with innovative software.

At some point, cloud computing could handle the number of devices connected. However, with the IoT devices developing rapidly and enterprises trying to provide seamless performance, hyper-converged infrastructures might be a much more suitable solution.

What Is IoT Data?

IoT device data is the data the devices collect from their environment. There are appliances that are connected to the internet, i.e. robotic vacuums. There are things like farming equipment, trackers, scanners, etc.

Hyper converged Infrastructure, Hyper converged Infrastructure: Your Key in the IoT Era

All these devices collect data, the user input, and they can learn with it. An example would be a smartphone assistant that collects your voice. This data isn’t something that needs to go to waste, it can be quite useful.

Reasons to Use HCI With IoT

Apart from the necessity of connecting more and more things to the internet, and the necessity to support those things via edge computing, there are several reasons you should deploy an HCI:

  • Breakthrough possibilities: With cloud infrastructure, the vast amounts of data cause congestion in traffic, and they’re much more difficult to process. With an HCI data center, you can process the data easily and use the information to improve your services.
  • Eliminating management resources: There’s no need to exhaust human resources to work on managing your data infrastructure because there’s sophisticated software doing it instead, and your IT team only needs to check in once in a while.
  • Legacy and AI app compatibility: The HCI is something that lets the newest artificial intelligence software run alongside older legacy apps. Other solutions might not allow such functionality. This is a solid reason to deploy it.


As you can see, an HCI can help with more than just the data in your company. It can allow you to focus on your business entirely instead of focusing on managing your data. Also, you can put the data to good use and make innovative solutions in your field of business and in the IoT era.

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