Uninstall Kaspersky Endpoint Security

How to Uninstall Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows

In this article, we will learn how to uninstall Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows. When a new program is installed on your computer, that program is listed on the list in Programs and Features. When you wish to uninstall a program, you can open the Programs and Features to uninstall it. So when you need to remove Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows, the first method is to uninstall it using Programs and Features.

Removal through the installation wizard

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows can only be uninstalled using the installation wizard if it was installed locally. If it was installed using Kaspersky Security Center, the uninstall option in the wizard is inactive.

Open Control Panel and then Programs and Features.
Click on Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows and then select Change.

Programs and features

In the modify, repair, or remove application wizard window, click on Remove.

Remove Kaspersky endpoint security

Choose the checkboxes for the information you wish to keep.

Activation data: information is about the activation code and key file. It can be detected and used if you remove the application.
Backup and Quarantine objects: files moved to backup storage or to the Quarantine. If you select this checkbox, then your quarantine and backup are empty.
Operational settings of the application: recent configuration of all protection elements.
Local storage of encryption keys: data providing straight access to encrypted devices and files. The checkbox is selected by default.

Select next.

Uninstall Kaspersky saving objects

Click on the Remove button to uninstall Kaspersky endpoint security for Windows.

Kaspersky ready to uninstall

Validating installation

Kaspersky uninstallmodification in progress

User access control, click yes.

Uninstall/modification in progress.

Kaspersky uninstall/modification in progress

Error 27200, failed to unload application from RAM, click ok.

Error 27200, failed to unload application

The Kaspersky endpoint security for windows has not been completely removed.

Kaspersky the application setup wizard error

Fatal error during installation

Fatal error during installation

Uninstall Kaspersky Endpoint Security using kavremvr Tool

Download kavremvr tools

Go to your download folder, then double-click on the kavremvr.exe file.


Click on run

User account control, click yes.

User account control, KAV removal tool

Accept the Kaspersky lab products remover.

Accept license Kaspersky lab products remover

Select your Kaspersky version under the following products were detected, type code, and then click Remove.

Kaspersky lab products remover

Click ok and restart your system

kavremvr remove operation finished

Written by Jamil Parvez

Jamil Pervez works as a Network Administrator, based in Kuwait with a Primary focus on Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Certified MCSE, MCTP, MCITP, CCNP, CCIP, CCVP with 20 years of experience in administering Windows Servers, Exchange, VMWare, Veeam B&R, Veritas BackupExec.

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