schedule windows server reboot automatically

How to Schedule Windows Server Reboot Automatically

This blog has detailed how to schedule Windows Server Reboot Automatically (Windows or Server 2008/2019). You may want to reboot a Windows Server once a week or month as a matter of routine maintenance. It’s particularly useful too. Say if you want to reboot a server because you installed particular software that you didn’t expect needed a restart, or there are some updates. You cannot really do it unless after hours and you don’t need to hang around and then you would just like it to reboot itself a couple of hours after working hours when everyone left.

Note: I’m using Windows Server 2019. This is almost the same as in 2008/2012/0216.

Schedule Windows Server Reboot Automatically

1- Select search bar and type Task Scheduler, click on it to open. You can find it by clicking on the Windows start button, expand Windows Administrator Tools, open Control Panel to select Administrative Tools.

windows search bar

2- Create a new basic task using the Create Task action.

windows task scheduler

3- Type a name to the task. I renamed it Restart Server or (Restart This Server). Type a description Schedule Windows Server for Automatically restart. Click next

create basic task wizard

4- Since this task is to just restart the server one time (select one time) and then click next.

create basic task one time

5- Provide it a date and time to restart. Click next.

create basic task one time

6- Select Start A Program action and then click Next.

create basic task start a program

7- Type shutdown into the Program/Script box and then /r into the Add arguments box. Click Next.

task scheduler start a program

8- Click Finish.

task scheduler finish

9- We are almost done if you want this to run if you get logged off and you want to set this up so you can use it again later. In the Task Scheduler right-click on your new task and then select Properties.

task scheduler

10- This will show up on the general settings page. The default settings are “Run only when the user is logged on” switch it to “Run whether the user is logged on or not”. Choose configure to select the Server you want to reboot.

task scheduler properties general

11- Select ok, after typing your administrator password.

task scheduler account information

Changing the Schedule for The Automatic Reboot

So now we have a task that will automatically reboot our Windows server (Computer, PC) one time.

12- Go back to the Task Scheduler Window, right-click on the task and then click Properties. Select the Triggers tab.

task scheduler properties trigger

13- Select the One Time trigger and then click the Edit button. Change the time and date, click ok and your server/PC/computer will now restart at the new time.

task scheduler new trigger

14- When you click ok it will ask you to re-enter the administrator password.

task scheduler account information

Watch Video: How to schedule Windows Server reboot automatically.

How to schedule Windows Server reboot automatically

Written by Jamil Parvez

Jamil Pervez works as a Network Administrator, based in Kuwait with a Primary focus on Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Certified MCSE, MCTP, MCITP, CCNP, CCIP, CCVP with 20 years of experience in administering Windows Servers, Exchange, VMWare, Veeam B&R, Veritas BackupExec.

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