Install Windows 11 in VMware Player
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How to Install Windows 11 in VMware Player

In this article, we will explain how to install Windows 11 in VMware Player Virtual Machine. Installing Windows 11 on a VMware player is not a tough task, what we need is the Workstation Player and Windows 11 ISO on our existing Windows 11 OS to experience this latest Microsoft operating system. If you are not sure how? Then, here is the article to help you.

Windows 11 is the new operating system that is currently available as an upgrade for the existing Windows 10 Insider program. Therefore, there is no official availability of Windows 11 ISO files, but, there is a way you can download it to install Windows 11 not only on Virtual machines but also on computers/laptops.

VMware player is a popular software to run virtual machines. It is a free application for personal usage just like VirtualBox. VMware Workstation player interface is easy to understand.

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Installation Windows 11 on VMware player Workstation

The article is given below can be performed on any latest version VMplayer running on any operating system. While the VirtualBox users can follow my other blog. Install Windows 11 on VirtualBox Virtual Machine.

Download VMware VMplayer

First, we need to download virtualization software on your specific operating systems. Then you can download it from the VMware official website.

Download Windows 11 ISO File

The 2nd requirement to run Windows 11 on any virtual machine is its Windows 11 ISO file. The process is very simple to use to get the latest Windows Insider Preview copy of Windows 11.

Install VMware Workstation Player

VMware Workstation Player is limited capability free and non-commercial use. As a person, you can use it without paying anything. VMware is not open source though.

Start the installer by double-clicking it (VMware-player-

VMware Installation launcher, you might see User Account Control Warning. Select yes to continue.

User Account Control Warning

The VMware Player installation wizard opens.

VMware player Initial Splash Screen

VMware Player 16 Installation Setup Wizard, click Next.

VMware player setup wizard

Accept the end-user license and then click Next.

VMware end user license agreement

Custom setup, Enhanced Keyboard driver, and Installation directory. Click next

VMware Player setup WHP

Leave it as it is, also check the box Enhanced Keyboard Drivers option and then click Next.

Install VMware Player 16 Custom Setup

Check the options (Check the product update at Startup and Join the VMware Customer Program) and then click next.

VMware Player User Experience Settings

Select the checkbox where the shortcut to run the application will be created and click Next.

VMware Player 16 Installation Shortcuts

The installation wizard is ready to install, click on install to start the installation.

Ready to Install VMware Player 16

Click on Finish to complete the installation.

VMware Player 16 Installation Completed

You should see a VMware Player desktop icon. Double click on that run the VMware Workstation Player.
You will be asked for a license, choose the option Use VMware Workstation Player 16 for free for non-commercial use.

Click continue.

VMware Player 16 Installation License

Click on Finish.

License VMware workstation player

Here you can see VMware Workstation Player 16 set to be used for free for non-commercial purposes.

Create a Virtual Machine on VMware Player

To create a new virtual machine in VMplayer 16, select the link Create a new virtual machine.

VMware Player 16 Home Screen

Assign Windows 11 bootable ISO

Select the Installer disc image file (ISO) option and then select the Browse button.

Virtual machine wizard install from

It will open a Windows explorer, choose the folder where you have saved Windows 11 ISO file, open it.

File explorer browse ISO

Click the Next button.

Virtual machine wizard install from

Set Guest OS Type

Select Microsoft Windows as OS type, select drop-down version box, set it to Windows 10 x64 because yet we don’t have Windows 11 option here. Click next

Select a guest operating system

Name the Virtual Machine

Type a virtual machine name, to recognize the virtual machine on VMplayer and then click next.

Name the virtual machine and location

Add Virtual hard disk

The VMplayer will automatically set the virtual machine disk space to 60GB, still, you can increase it as per your need or what is your planning to do on Windows 11 VM. Click next.

Specify disk capacity virtual machine

Customize Hardware to increase VM Memory for Windows 11

For perfect usage of Windows 11 in VMware Player set virtual machine memory to 4 GB, select the Customize Hardware button.

Customized hardware VM

Select the Memory option, drag the vertical slider to 4GB, and then close the window.

Virtual machine settings

Select the Finish button.

Ready to create virtual machine

Play Windows 11 Virtual machine

Choose the created virtual machine from your left side of the VMware player and then select the Play Virtual machine link.

Play virtual machine

Install Windows 11 on VMware Player

Press any key to continue…..
Select the OS language to install (Time, currency, and Keyboard) type and then click Next.

Windows setup language

Press the Install button.

Windows setup install now

Skip this step by selecting I don’t have a product key link.

I don't have a product key

Select the operating system and then click next.

Select operating system Windows setup

Accept the Microsoft license and click next.

Microsoft software license terms

Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) option.

Custom install windows 11

Drive 0 Unallocated space, click next.

Windows 11 setup unallocated space

Now, the Windows installation process started.

Installing Windows 11

Now after restarting the PC, select your Region and then click on YES.

Country or region Windows 11

The Keyboard layout, select the US and select yes.

Keyboard layout Windows 11

Skip the second keyboard layout.
Type your virtual machine and then click Next.

Let’s name your PC Windows 11

Now select Set up for personal use.

Windows 11 setup for personal use

And then log in to your Microsoft account and then select Next.
Accept Windows 11 privacy settings.

Windows 11 privacy settings

Now you have successfully installed Windows 11 on a virtual machine using VMware Player.

Windows 11 desktop

Install VMware Tools

Click on the Player menu, select Manage and then click the Install VMware Tools.

Install VMware player tool

VMware Tools for a virtual machine, select Download and install.

Downloading VMware Tools for Windows.

Downloading VMware Tools

Open This PC, double click on the VMware Tools inserted DVD.

This PC VMware tools CD

VMware Tools verified publisher, click yes.

User access control VMware tools

Installation wizard for VMware tools, click next.

VMware tools setup wizard

VMware Tools setup, click next.

VMware tools choose setup type

Ready to install VMware tools, select install.

Ready to install VMware tools

Select finish.

VMware setup tools completed

Restart required.

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Written by Jamil Parvez

Jamil Pervez works as a Network Administrator, based in Kuwait with a Primary focus on Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Certified MCSE, MCTP, MCITP, CCNP, CCIP, CCVP with 18 years experience in administering Windows Servers, Exchange, VMWare, Veeam B&R, Veritas BackupExec.

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