Install Genymotion Emulator on Windows
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How to Install Genymotion Emulator on Windows

Today I will show you how to install Genymotion Emulator on Windows 11. You can download and run Genymotion Android Emulator on your desktop or laptop PC. You can run Android Apps on Windows 11 using Genymotion. All these procedures are going to be very simple, so you will not get any problems.

First, you need to go to the Genymotion official website. After this, the website interface will be opened, here you can find the download option in the menu bar. Genymotion is a well-known Android emulator based on VirtualBox. If you want to play 3D graphic games, like PUBG Mobile, which required 2GB space or more, Genymotion lets you experience them on a desktop or laptop without performance problems. In this guide, we will have a look at how to run Android apps on Windows with Genymotion app player, and then we can play our favorite Android games.

Genymotion is paid software from Android developers. However, the free version (personal edition) for gaming and should be enough to play all your favorite apps.

Download and Install Genymotion

Download Genymotion Desktop 3.2 for Windows including VirtualBox from their official website. The minimum system requirement is shown below. While it says 4GB RAM, 400MB disk space. If you have more RAM, your experience will be better.

Download Genymotion Desktop

To install Genyhmotion Emulator on Windows, Open your download folder, double click on the genymotion-3.2.1-vbox.exe file to run the installation.

Windows explorer genymotion setup

Select Run

Open file security warning

While installing, choose setup language to English or any other language and then click ok.

Genymotion select setup language

Setup Genymotion installed location, click next.

Genymotion select destination location

Select Genymotion start menu folder and then click Next.

Genymotion select start menu folder

Install Genymotion, click next.

Setup Genymotion addition tasks

Ready to install Genymotion Emulator, click Install.

Ready to install Genymotion

Please wait for Genymotion to install on your Windows 11.

Installing Genymotion setup

Once Genymotion installation is done, it will automatically start installing VirtualBox on Windows 11.

Install VirtualBox Genymotion Emulator

Click the next button on the setup of Oracle VM VirtualBox Wizard.

Oracle VM virtualbox wizard

VirtualBox custom setup window, click Next to proceed.

VirtualBox custom setup

VirtualBox custom setup, create Start menu entries, shortcuts, and quick launch bars, click next.

VirtualBox custom setup shortcut

You will get network interfaces disconnecting warning of your network temporarily. Just ignore this message and then click yes.

VirtualBox warning network interfaces

VirtualBox is ready to install, select Install.

Ready to install VirtualBox

It will take a little for the VirtualBox application to install on your computer.
VirtualBox installation is done, select next then it will automatically divert you to the next screen on launch Genymotion.

VirtualBox installation complete

Launch and Activate Genymotion

Select the checkbox Launch Genymotion and then click Finish.

Completing the Genymotion setup

The Genymotion app will start on your Windows 11.

Genymotion booting

You need to create a Genymotion account to run the Android apps if you don’t have one. Select the create account button, then it will take you automatically to Genymotion form.
I already created Genymotion account. Welcome to Genymotion login screen, type your email, password and then click next.

Welcome to genymotion

Genymotion requires a license window to appear select checkbox personal use if you don’t have a license and then click Next.

Genymotion requires a license

Accept Genymotion End User License Agreement and then click Next.

End user license agreement genymotion


Install a virtual device genymotion

Written by Jamil Parvez

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