Install Active Directory in Server 2022
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How to Install Active Directory in Server 2022

Here, we have a look at how to install Active Directory in Windows Server 2022. We are going to show you the Domain controller installation and configuration of Active Directory domain services Role in Windows Server 2022 and promote Windows Server 2022 as a Domain Controller. First, I will show you how to install the ADDS binaries and then 2nd promote Windows Server 2022 to a Domain Controller.

The Windows Server 2022 operating system is the latest and often advanced Windows Server OS to date. Microsoft has constantly been making their Server operating system more cloud base with a lot of Azure features incorporated into the operating system natively. Using the new features and capabilities untied using Windows Admin Center, New Windows Server 2022 will have the most direct integration with Microsoft Azure of any server OS.

Microsoft is surely wanting to get everybody focused on Azure. The new combination with Azure makes Windows Server 2022 a simple way that customers get a powerful on-premises OS with all the Azure bells and whistles offered by Microsoft and unlocked potential with Windows Admin Center.

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Install Active Directory in Server 2022


Before you start, verify that the following things have been completed.

Change Computer Name

Change the computer name or server name, easy to an understandable format.
(In this Example: Server name: Server2022, Active Directory Server)
In the Network settings, use a static IP address is configuration is best practice.

Internet protocols properties

How to Install Active Directory Domain Services

We are going to install an active directory & domain controller. It’s will be a physical computer or a virtual machine.

Once you changed the computer name and assign a static IP address to the server. Launch the Server Manager, click on Dashboard and then click on Add Roles and Features.

Server Manager Dashboard

Add roles and features wizard, select next.

Add roles and features wizard

Installation type, select the radio button Role-based or feature-based installation, and then click on next.

Add role installation type

In the Select destination server option, choose the option Select a server from the server pool and then click on next. In the image below you can see what servers are available, select the one you wish to install the active directory on.

Add role select destination server

Choose server roles window, I am going to install Active Directory so I am selecting Active Directory Domain Services roles.

Active directory domain services role

Click on Add features button to add features that are required for Active Directory Domain Services.

Add required feature active directory

Domain Name Server (AD & DNS)

In the Select one more role to install wizard, select the DNS Server role name.
We need to install and configure Active Directory and DNS server roles to work together.

Active directory server roles

Click on Add Features button to add features that are required for the DNS server including management tools.

Add required feature DNS server

Please ensure the Active Directory Domain Services and DNS Server options are selected and then click on next.

Active directory server roles

Choose the checkbox .NET Framework 3.5 Features and then click on the next option to continue.

Select features .net framework 3.5

Active directory domain services, click next.

Active Directory domain services AD DS

DNS Server option click next.

Configure DNS server services

Click the next button to start the active directory and DNS server installation.

Confirm installation selections

If you get the below error, its means we need to install .net framework 3.5

Specify server failed installation

Follow the above steps to reach the confirmed installation selection window. Click on the Specify an alternate source path.

.Net Framework 3.5 Installation failed

Specify alternate source path

Insert the windows server 2022 installation media or mount the Server 2022 ISO file as a drive. Then go to the location of the source path drive letter\sources\sxs. (My drive letter is D:\sources\sxs). Copy the path D:\srouce\sxs

File Explorer source sxs path

Then paste the copied path in the path option or type manually. Then click on the ok and select the Install button to continue.

Specify alternate source path

Click Install.

Installation selections confirmations

Active Directory and DNS server feature installation are in progress.

AD features installation progress

The Active Directory and DNS server installation process has been completed. Click close.

AD Features installation results

Promote Server to a Domain Controller

How to Configure DNS (Domain Name System)

How to deploy and configure the Domain Controller 2022. In the Server Manager click on the notification button and then click on Promote this server to a domain controller.

Promote this server to a domain controller

Active Directory Domain Services Configuration, deployment configuration. Now we are going to install new forest and new domain.
Select Add a new forest checkbox and then specify the domain information for this operation. Type your domain name next to the root domain name and then click on next.
(Example: xpertstec.local you can use

Select the Deployment Configuration

Domain controller options, select the forest functional level and domain functional level as per your requirement.
Specify domain controller capabilities.
Domain name system (DNS) server selected
Global Catalog (GC) selected
Type Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM) password and then select Next.

Domain Controller options

DNS Options windows, select next.

Active Directory domain services DNS

Verify the NetBIOS domain name. Mostly, it’s automatically picked from your domain name related. Then click next

Verify the NetBIOS name assigned

Specify the location of the AD DS database,
Database folder
Log files folder
SYSVOL folder
Keep it is as it is and click next.

Specify the location of the AD DS

Verify all the settings with your requirements and then click on next to continue.

Active Directory domain services review options

Prerequisites check done automatically

All prerequisite checks passed successfully

Click on the install button to start the Active Directory Domain Controller installation.

All prerequisite passed successfully

Domain Controller Installation is in Progress…

Active Directory installation progress

The domain controller server is successfully configured, then select close.

You are about to be signed out

After configuration of the domain controller your server reboot automatically.
Domain Administrator Login screen windows, type your domain controller password.

Windows Server 2022 domain login

After login with your Active Directory Domain Controller, open your network connection TCP/IP properties. You can see the preferred DNS server IP Addresses.

Internet protocols properties

Change it with your DNS Server IP Address.

Internet protocols properties

Written by Jamil Parvez

Jamil Pervez works as a Network Administrator, based in Kuwait with a Primary focus on Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Certified MCSE, MCTP, MCITP, CCNP, CCIP, CCVP with 20 years of experience in administering Windows Servers, Exchange, VMWare, Veeam B&R, Veritas BackupExec.

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