How to get unlimited and more Views on YouTube

In a world that is increasingly dominated by videos, getting more views on YouTube must be in the top list of the content marketer list. I know you are here because you also want to have the tactics. You also need views on your YouTube channel.

But let me clear it for you on some points.

YouTube doesn’t want you if you contradict it. If you are hesitant to dedicate time and resources to channels that do not push ROI directly, you are not alone. Under pressure to meet short-term targets, many marketers prefer to forget YouTube and invest everything they have in just paid promotions. 

I empathize with these people. But we need to recognize the hard truth: without a healthy volume from the prospect of top-funnel, you cannot meet your target in the long run consistently. You need to create content that spreads your company’s awareness and build affinity for your brand.

Here I present to you the points. These are most important if you are going to take a fresh start or if you are improving. 

1. Make excellent and unique content 

Yes. This is my number one tip to get more views on YouTube. Create good content. Make content that others don’t do.

I have made this point my number one for some reason. If you search enough for the ways to increase views on your YouTube channel, you will find many unfair and evil practices. But they will work for a short period.

more views on YouTube, How to get unlimited and more Views on YouTube

The best way to succeed on YouTube is to make content that people want to watch. And do it honestly and by your heart, not fake content. In short, it’s all about value and quality. If you don’t want to give your viewers value, you are not workable for content marketing.

2. Think in terms of series, not individual videos

Many YouTube makers arrange their videos to playlists. Why is that?

The explanation is simple

If you click on an embedded video in the playlist, the playlist’s next video will begin immediately after the current video is over. As a result, viewers can watch some related videos without lifting fingers. This, of course, makes YouTube happy because it translates into more considerable advertising revenue. But it must also make you happy because solving becomes greater involvement and more video displays.

Do not compile too many videos. It can also bore the viewer. Instead, I suggest brainstorming YouTube content you are not in terms of individual videos, but more in terms of series. Over time, you make more content. It’s easy to set up your video into a logical playlist. 

Your viewers will benefit from a smooth experience, and you will benefit from an uptick in view. 

3. Be Familiar with YouTube SEO

Like I said: YouTube is a search engine. And just like other search engines, YouTube uses several ranking signals to set the search results. Understanding the primary ranking signal – and how to beg them – is an essential part of getting more views on YouTube.

It would help if you had keywords. 

Without target keywords, not a single video can be optimized. After you make a list of topics you want to overcome, search keywords for them.- one by one-to the YouTube search bar. 

As you might see before, YouTube will produce a list of recommended search requests. Each of these suggestions is something that has been searched repeatedly by real YouTube users. Each of them is a great candidate for target keywords!

more views on YouTube, How to get unlimited and more Views on YouTube

4. Connect with other content makers

Just because you and other content makers will pursue the same audience does not mean your relationship must be hostile. I will encourage you to falsify my symbiotic relationship. A relationship that benefits both of you. 

Keep in mind that YouTube content marketing aims to create value for viewers and expand your top-of-mouthpiece prospects. The presence of competitors does not reduce your capacity to achieve that goal. You will have your quality of content and audience. They will have their own.

5. Use the end card and screen.

Watch Time is a fantastic indicator of audience engagement. The farther someone enters your YouTube video, the more interested in whatever you say. And if someone is very involved with your content, they are open to watching more videos. That’s why our fifth tactic to get more YouTube displays to use the card and the last screen.

6. Write a blog post to accompany each video.

If blogging has become part of your content marketing strategy – and it must – why not write a blog post to accompany your YouTube video? 

Yes, this requires an additional time investment, but the benefits are far exceeding costs. This is a simple way to introduce visitors to your website to your YouTube channel and encourage viewers to watch your videos. 

Plus, for all prospects that prefer to watch than reading, including videos is a surefire way to improve user experience quality. And because you’ve sat down to write scripts, we need additional efforts to make a shallow blog post.

more views on YouTube, How to get unlimited and more Views on YouTube


One last tip for social media promotion: 

If there are individuals in your industry with a great follow-up, dedication, try to contact them! Get support from relevant influencers – even something as simple as Retweet – can do wonders for your brand authority. And when you try to grow a business through content marketing, power is everything.

Jamil Parvez
Jamil Parvez
Jamil Pervez works as a Network Administrator, based in Kuwait with a Primary focus on Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Certified MCSE, MCTP, MCITP, CCNP, CCIP, CCVP with 20 years of experience in administering Windows Servers, Exchange, VMWare, Veeam B&R, Veritas BackupExec.

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