How to Get Into a Tech and IT Career Without a Degree

Degrees are offered by colleges and universities. They take time and require a lot of work. Unknown to many, you can get into the IT and tech industry without a degree. Some of the leading CEOs of global tech companies do not have the degree. 

Tech is unique because of its practical nature. Employers judge your skills based on the products you offer. No one will care about your papers if you can deliver the most creative graphics or design the best website. How then do you get into IT and be successful without having to graduate with a degree? Here are excellent paths to consider. 

Learn online 

The internet today is a university. It has content on all topics and subjects you would like to pursue. If you do not wish to enroll in a college, you can earn your IT and Tech skills online. You can hire a course taker to sit through some of the units as you sharpen your IT skills. 

Online courses are offered by tech gurus, institutions, or developers. Some platforms have also dedicated their content to helping ordinary people acquire crucial tech skills. For instance, you can use YouTube to learn programming or Khan Academy to learn web design. 

Online platforms provide free content. Others require a reasonable subscription that guarantees access to the best content. The best way to learn online is to use accredited platforms. Their content is organized in a way that helps you to earn standardized IT skills. 

Sharpen your skills 

Once you acquire the skills from any platform, polish them. You may learn graphics design, for example, from YouTube. Do not remain with the basic skills. It is very competitive to work on ordinary projects. Find avenues to sharpen your skills so that your projects can capture the attention of potential clients. 

You sharpen your skills by putting in the required hours. Find a niche that will appreciate your skills. Showcase your skills and projects to capture the attention of potential employers. Once you get a project, deliver the best to earn referrals. Your clients will forget that you do not possess a degree. The quality of your work will be the source of return business. 

Obtain certification

Developers and IT brands provide certification to students or users who excel. Certification indicates your prowess in using a particular software or platform. It is more important than general IT skills. 

Identify an area or skill that you are passionate about. Learn the software used in the industry. Follow the steps prescribed by developers to join their certification team. Once you present the certification, clients will gain confidence in your skills. It will increase your chances of getting a job. 

Work on small projects 

Aim to start your tech and IT journey by working on small projects. Develop an app for your class project. Set up social media platforms for local businesses and professionals. These are stepping stones and a testing ground for your skills. You give a chance to small businesses and professionals to try your skills. 

The small projects provide a portfolio to demonstrate to your potential clients. If the products are outstanding, they will order more in the future. No one will dig into your educational background if the portfolio includes impressive projects. 

Learn the latest in IT

Chase the latest skills, tools, and opportunities in tech. Be the pioneer when developers release new software. Introduce your clients to the latest features of ordinary software. Such a proactive approach to IT wins the confidence of your clients. 

Follow blogs to know the latest IT tools and products to use. You should also work with a mentor to guide you on the tools to learn for better fortunes in the future. This review will help you to get homework assistance to create more time to learn about the latest tools in IT. 


Specialization means that you pick a specific platform or tool. You will master the tool or platform better than a general IT practitioner. The quality of your work will result in referrals and the confidence to take on huge tech assignments. 

Practice the skills you have acquired in IT to remain competitive despite lacking a degree. Learn the latest and deliver the best services to your clients. Obtain online certification to boost your confidence and win the admiration of your potential clients despite lacking a degree in IT. 

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Written by Muhammad Adeel Aslam

Mr. Adeel is a diverse person having expertise in Content Writing, WordPress development and SEO. He consider himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to build on his professional foundations in Content Writing, WordPress development and Search engine optimization. He believes mindfulness in a workplace is key to success. He's currently working as a freelancer and is always interested in a challenge.

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