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How to Connect Android to Windows 10 using Your Phone Companion

In this guide, I will explain to you how to connect Android Smartphone to Windows 10 using your phone companion. Windows 10 your Phone app buddy is Microsoft effort to keep you in front of your Windows 10 PC even though you are using your Android phone. This Windows app syncs your Android smartphone with Windows 10 PC, assists you get notification, calls, and text, your PC desktop.

If you have Samsung Galaxy Android, you don’t need to install an app, since few Android devices have a built-in setting to connect to Windows 10. The Samsung feature name is Link to Windows and you can find out more about Android by following this guide.

If you signed in Microsoft apps on the Android, your account is already linked to the device, so skip those steps in the guide.
Your Phone Android App is clearly a work in progress, with new services expected in November 2020. If you have any issues, there are a few things to bear in mind to make sure everything works as intended:

Use any Microsoft account (Hotmail, Outlook, Live, Skype and etc) to log in on your Windows 10 computer. Your Phone app will not launch if you are using it on a local account.

The Android devices you are trying to pair must be connected to the internet, try to connect on the same wireless network.

Your Smartphone or tablet must have an active SIM.

Connect your Android to Windows 10 using Your Phone Companion app

1- Select Windows start button and then select Settings.
Select Phone option

windows settings
Access Phone Settings

2- Select Add a phone.

your phone add a phone
Click or tap to Add a phone

Another way is to access Your Phone App, select Windows search bar, type “your phone” and then select open.

windows search bar
Access Your Phone from the Search bar

Access Your Phone App from browser.

To open Your Phone App in Windows 10, open any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet and etc). Type and hit enter.

edge browser
Edge browser

Select open

Select open

Microsoft Your Phone App is opening.

microsoft your phone app
Your Phone App

3- Select Android and then continue.

your phone companion
Your phone companion

4- Select Continue.

NOTE: If that is not the account you need to connect to your Android Smartphone. Select the Sign in with another account option and then either choose from the available list of Microsoft accounts or add a new one.

your phone companion wizard
your phone companion wizard

5- Please make sure you have got the right account and then press Continue.

let's get you signed in
let’s get you signed in

In the next step, you need to install Your Phone Companion on Android. At the top, there are guide and a short link you can enter in the browser to access your phone app. You can see Open QR code hidden button. Later we will resume this button later, after setting up the app on our Android phone.

your phone companion open qr code
your phone companion open QR code

How to install Your Phone Companion on Android Smartphone

1- Go to your Android, open the Google Play Store, and then get the Your Phone App, Link to Windows app.
Or you can open any browser in your smartphone, type and then hit enter.

android chrome browser
Android chrome browser

2- Select Install

google play store your phone
Play store

3- Select open

app from the Google Play Store
Get app from the Google Play Store

4- Open Your Phone Companion, and the first screen you will see two options to connect to your Windows 10 PC. Using QR code is the easiest to log in, so select Is there a QR code on your PC? link and then allow the app to take pictures and record video. Your smartphone will display a camera mode screen, with a highlighted rectangular section.

is there a qr code on your pc
Connect to Windows 10 using a QR code

5- Go back to your computer, select the checkbox that confirms installing the app, and then hit the Open QR Code button.

open qr code in windows 10’s your phone
Open QR Code in Windows 10 Your Phone

6- Now, scan the QR code on the screen by indicating the Android device at your PC monitor and then framing it inside the rectangular section.

to sign in and link your phone
to sign in and link your phone

7- After scanning the code, Your Phone Companion needs little permission.

Select allow

your phone companion permission
Your phone companion permission

Your phone app needs more permissions on your Android

8- We need to allow the Your Phone Companion app to access your “contacts, photos, media, and files” on your Android, to make and manage “phone calls”, and view “SMS messages”.
Select Continue.

app permission
App permissions

9- Allow phone call permission, Select allow

your phone companion permission
Your phone companion

10- Access photos, media permission, Select allow.

your phone companion photo permission
Your phone companion photo permission

11- SMS message permission, select allow.

your phone companion sms permission
Your phone companion SMS permission

12- This app required permissions to do the same tasks as your Android
Select continue.

let’s stay connected
Let’s stay connected

13- To keep you up-to-date, the app needs permission to always run in the background
Ignore battery optimizations? select allow.

ignore battery optimization
Ignore battery optimization

14- Choose Allow to connect your Android with Windows 10.

allow the connection phone app
Allow the connection phone app

15- Select Done to complete the process on your Android.

Press Done to finish the process
improve your phone companion

16- Select allow

improve your phone companion
your phone and pc linked

17- Now Your phone and PC are linked message on your screen, your Android is good to go.

your phone and pc linked
Android and Windows 10 are connected

18- Welcome to your phone app, select get started.

android and windows 10 are connected
welcome to your phone app

19- Select skip.

welcome to your phone app
welcome to your phone app

20- Now your phone is connected.

your phone companion
Access Android device from the Windows 10 PC

Access Android device from the Windows 10 PC

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