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How to Add Games in Citra Emulator

Let’s see how to add Games in Citra Emulator and play games in Citra. In the interest to play 3DS games on a computer, you will need to use the Citra 3DS app player. While Citra Emulator has not absolutely reached Dolphin’s level of accuracy and compatibility. A number of the most famous 3DS games are completely playable with this emulator.

The first time when you open up the Citra emulator, you are unable to see any games.
Though just only double-clicking and create the folder where we need to put games into.

Citra Emulator double click

Now we are in the Citra Emulator directory, click on the new folder to create a folder.

Watch Video: How to Add Games in Citra Emulator

Citra emulator mingw create folder

Name it Roms or Games and then later you will put games inside it.

Citra mingw directory

Download 3ds Games for Citra Emulator

To download 3DS games for Citra app player

After downloading the 3DS games, copy the game from your download folder and then past it in the Roms directory the one we have created earlier.
Extract game in the same folder (Roms) using 7zip or Rar.

Extract zip files

Now you can see your 3ds game after extracting.

Citra emulator mingw directory

If you don’t want to waste your time that the game will work or not, the best thing is to check the official game compatibility list on Citra’s website.

Double-click to add a game.

Citra Emulator double click

Select the Rome folder the one we have created earlier.

Citra emulator mingw

To play the 3D game, double-click on to.

Citra Emulator

Your ROM is encrypted by the error Citra emulator.

Your rom is encrypted Citra

Solved Citra emulator Your ROM is encrypted.
You need to download decryptor software to solve ROM is encrypted error.

After downloading the decryptor tool, copy the decryptor from your download folder and then paste it into the Citra Emulator directory under the Roms folder.

Citra emulator mingw folder

Extract decryptor tool with 7-zip or Rar.

Citra emulator mingw directory

Double-click on it to run decryptor.

Citra nightly mingw Roms

Now your 3DS game is decrypted, press any key to close this window.

Citra Emulator nightly mingw Roms

Now you can see your 3D game is decrypted

Delete your encrypted game from the Rome folder.

Citra nightly mingw Roms-

After deleting the encrypted game, then close this window.

Citra Emulator mingw Roms

Open Citra Emulator and then double-click on the decrypted game to play.

Citra nightly emulator

Cave story 3ds game running in Citra Emulator.

Cave story 3d game

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