Best Encryption Software for USB and External Drives

USB Peripherals and USB Devices have been with us for such a long time, and nothing much have changed about the work process. Surely, many of us are still using these devices since they are tiny and portable. Although, you need to remember, there’s always a risk of data loss. To overcome this, you can opt for two things:

Do the regular backup on your USB drive in a safe location, like Cloud for example.
It would be best if you considered encrypting the your drive, in case you’re carrying important information

The Need to Encrypt USB and External Hard Drives

Encryption on USB is not usually pretty mandatory. If you want to give decent sensitive information, you may choose to encrypt the external drives. Since the form of USB is smaller, it’s basically easier to lost somewhere, even public places.

The thing is, by encrypting your USB, you’ll put an additional layer of protection so that anyone who doesn’t have an access couldn’t enter and see the content within.

However, if you wish for additional protection, you can also combine the encryption technology with the VPN service. VPN doesn’t only work on desktop or mobile devices but also on other peripherals, including TV! If you wish to learn more, there’s the Samsung smart TV VPN guide by Cyberghost, which is helpful to understand what it is and how it works. You can also implement the other devices to make your data safer. It may be simple, but it’s always worth a try.

Best Encryption Software for USB and External Drives

1. StorageCrypt

This excellent tool allows you to encrypt USB drives with an encryption tool that enables superior encryption that is almost impossible to hack. So please give it a try.

2. VeraCrypt

The second one on the list is VerCrypt. VeraCyrpt is one of the popular encryption tools that available on wider platforms. Besides Windows, it’s also available to other operation systems, including MAC OS and also Linux.

VeraCrypt is free to access, and support various encryption ciphers, including Twofish, and AES. Users are also given an option to crate their own encryption volumes that will be put nicely inside their computers’ hard drives.

You can see this tool as one of the best free app for encrypting USB drives because it offers the easiness in engaging the encryption and decryption. The process is even made easier with the step-by-step guide.

But, for the beginners, it might be hard to firs understand the VeraCrypt’s UI. But while you’re learning by doing, all things will be quite familiar in a matter of short time.

3. Gilisoft

The next software, which is also a popular choice, is Gilisoft. Gilisoft is a program specifically designed with interesting encryption features. It has the simplistic, yet elegant design, and easy operation for all users.

Users are given a free choice to encrypt their drives. They may adjust the size, and other things by utilizing the available features. Gilisoft uses AES 256 encryption system to make your data safer.

Besides its simple look, Gilisoft is also easy to use, even for beginners who never encrypted their drives before. Pricing side, the platform is served at $50 price tag, which isn’t too shabby for a software like this. If you’d like, you can always try the free trial to check whether it’s suitable for you or not. Unfortunately, Gilisoft is still available on Windows, so it’s really platform-dependent.

4. USB Safeguard

On the next one, we have the USB Safeguard as our next top recommended software for drive encryption. Similar like other platforms above, it also utilizes the the AES-256 algorithm to encrypt files and private folders. The UI is simple to understand, with only a small choices available for doing the encryption.

What’s unique about this software is the capability to create the visual container as a place to store all of your data. Don’t worry about the safety, upon removal, your drive will be automatically locked by this software.

USB Safeguard is actually free to use, but has very limited storage for the users. So, we highly recommend using the paid version which can give you more benefits.

5. DiskCryptor

Last but not the least is the DiskCryptor, the open-source, and popular software for encryption. It’s one of the recommendable software for Windows devices encryption that gives users the option to encrypt using multiple algorithms.

It’s also nice and convenient by giving the users an option to see auto-mount the encrypted drives for easier access. While it’s auto-mounted, authentication protocols are still needed.

Similar like some of the platform choices above, DiskCryptor also has multiple encryption algorithms that users free to choose.

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